APRS iGate Installation reloaded

After the crash of my SD card it was time to reinstall all from scratch. So I will summarize here all the steps I followed for next time…

  • Download the latest raspbian version and install it on the sdcard:

This is the easiest step. Just go to https://www.raspberrypi.org/downloads/raspbian/ and download

I choosed Raspbian Stretch with desktop (at that time version from September 2017)

This download is a zip file containing a “.img” file. I simply unzipped this img file and used Win32 Disk Imager to install it to my sd card.

  • Configure the raspberry pi

Activate SSH, configure hostname, change default password, update everything (apt-get upgrade), expand the disk on the complete sdcard, unable the SPI interface (for the screen)

configure wifi:

command line> wpa_passphrase "testing" "testingPassword"

and replace the password by the encrypted one…

  • Install the screen driver

command line> sudo rm -rf LCD-show
command line>
git clone https://github.com/goodtft/LCD-show.git
command line>
chmod -R 755 LCD-show
command line> cd LCD-show/
command line> sudo ./LCD35-show
command line> sudo rpi-update
command line> sudo nano /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/40-libinput.conf
Option "TransformationMatrix" "-1 0 1 0 1 0 0 0 1"
command line> sudo nano /boot/config.txt

command line> sudo reboot

Then I used xinput_calibrator to calibrate the TFT (with not so much success so I will not detail it here)

  • Compilation and installation of Direwolf (including gpsd and hamlib)

command line> sudo apt-get install libasound2-dev
command line> cd ~
command line> git clone https://www.github.com/wb2osz/direwolf
command line> cd direwolf
command line> sudo apt-get install automake libtool texinfo -y
command line> cd ~
command line> git clone git://hamlib.git.sourceforge.net/gitroot/hamlib/hamlib
command line> cd hamlib
command line> sh autogen.sh
command line> make
command line> make check
command line> sudo make install
command line> cd ~
command line> sudo apt-get install gpsd gpsd-clients python-gps libgps-dev ntp -y
command line> sudo dpkg-reconfigure gpsd
command line> sudo nano /etc/ntp.conf
server 4
fudge time1 0.340 refid GPS
server prefer
fudge refid GPS1
command line> sudo /etc/init.d/ntp restart
command line> cd ~/direwolf
command line> make

sudo make install

make rpi-install

make install-conf


wget http://thelifeofkenneth.com/aprx/debs/aprx_2.8.2-12-g820690e_raspi.deb

dpkg -i aprx_2.8.2-12-g820690e_raspi.deb

sudo apt-get install vim

And after few days the brand new card was corrupted again …

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